You may export or import products to and from the USA, South America, China/Hong-Kong, Europe… Whatever the characteristics, destination and delivery requirements of your products, you can rely on our freight forwarding expertise and 50 offices across 5 continents. Our experienced teams work in close co-operation with a network of specialist partners and organise the transport of your goods throughout the entire world – by road, sea and air. This “door-to-door” transport service guarantees an optimum time-cost ratio and we can provide a transport and logistics network that extends across Europe and into the Americas.



XPO Logistics Ireland is a fully certified Authorised Economic Operator

Having satisfied HMRC's criteria regarding compliance, record-keeping, solvency and security management, AEOs are entitled to benefit from quicker access to certain simplified customs procedures and can 'fast-track' shipments through some safety and security procedures. With coverage of major world markets, vast experience in managing mission-critical, time-sensitive shipments to remote and challenging destinations, and a commitment to quality, safety and customer service, our AEO status enables us to guarantee the passage of your shipments through the complexities of customs to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely, securely and on time.



What sets us apart

  • A fully licensed, certified customs broker
  • AEO accredited
  • ISO 9001:2008. 18001 accredited
  • Irish Revenue registered
  • AOG desk in Dublin
  • Airfreight Customs Bond Facility - off Airside
  • Our own facilities in Ireland, UK and rest of Europe, USA, South America, China, India & Sri Lanka
  • GSCP - Global Supply Chain Partner
  • The ability to provide “door-to-door” transport and logistics solutions throughout Europe
  • A single point of contact for all services
  • Secure flows and guaranteed traceability
  • Solutions that strike the right balance between cost and time
  • We work closely with trusted global air and sea carriers
  • Our own global network